Submissions for Issue.4 will be accepted during the month of December 2017.


Who: Those who live, labor, or loiter in Addison County, Vermont

What: Up to three pieces of writing and/or art.

When: Submissions are open December 1–December 31. Issue.4 is scheduled for release in March of 2018

Where: Send submissions to

Please include your full name; the town where you live, labor, or loiter; your preferred email address (if not the address from which you are submitting); and any other information you would like to give, including bio details.




If you make it, we’ll take it: fiction, non-fiction, dramatic forms, poetry—any genre, any topic.

Must be submitted in .doc or .docx format. For dramatic forms, .pdf format is acceptable. If you have questions regarding file format, please contact us and we’ll gladly help you work it out.

Word Count: A maximum of 3,000 words per submission




Art must be submitted in high-resolution black-and-white format. Other formats will not be considered for publication.

If you would like to submit physical art—sculpture, stained glass, paintings, et al.—we will take a professional black-and-white photo of it for submission on Saturday, December 30 at the Bixby Memorial Library in Vergennes. Please contact us to let us know about these physical submissions.

Again, please reach out if you have any questions ( We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful work!




By accepting any offer of publication, the author will grant Zig Zag first serial rights.

Upon publication, rights to the work will revert back to the author. The author retains all other rights to the work.

Any subsequent publication will note that the work was first published in Zig Zag.

Payment for publication in Zig Zag consists of one contributor’s copy of the issue in which the work appears. This should be picked up at the release party unless other arrangements are made.

As appropriate, we may also choose to nominate published work for awards or other recognition, including further use of accepted pieces for Zig Zag promotions and events.