9 Days Left + Table Read this Tuesday

There’s only 9 days left to submit for our inaugural issue! So get in gear and send us up to 3 submissions via .pdf or .doc or .jpeg to litmag@bixbylibrary.org — and remember we are accepting prose, poetry, black-and-white visual media, and pretty much anything that can be printed.


Also, the second of our Summer Table Reads will be held this Tuesday the 26th at 6pm in the Bixby Memorial Library in Vergennes. Burlington screenwriter Jon Chamis has submitted his feature-length script Charlie for discussion. A group of Jon’s peers will be assigned different roles in the film and we’ll read it aloud around a long table. Once the reading is over there will be an academic discussion of the text to follow, and during all of this, Jon will remain silent.

Charlie tells the true story of Linda Kasabian and the four weeks of her life that lead her to leave her abusive husband and home and flee to Spahn Ranch, where she is welcomed by Charles Manson and the Family. Jon researched his script during his time at Burlington College, and has worked one-on-one with our own A. Jay Dubberly since January on developing the script into a work he should be proud of. If you’ve never been to one of our table reads, this is a fun one to join in on.



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