Table-Read Series: Summer Schedule

The last Tuesday of each month at the Bixby Memorial Library in Vergennes is a unique time for local writers. We give writers of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to share their significant works-in-progress. We’ve had full-length films and plays read aloud with actors (professional and non), we’ve had poetry nights, television pilots, novellas and short story collections and this summer we’ve got a bit of everything coming your way.

June 30th –
Storm Grey & Stella d’Oro – a novella by A. Jay Dubberly

Sandra Thompson begins her 35th birthday by sneaking into the funeral of a wealthy woman she’s never met, reaching into her open casket while saying her false goodbyes, and stealing an ornate tourmaline ring off the dead bird’s finger. She then finds the ring is valued at too high of a price to simply be pawned on the street, and what’s more curious is the coded inscription on the inside. This is simply the first mystery we are tuned into surrounding Sandra Thompson, a woman who seems to have all of her edges overflowing.

Jay is an educator living in Vergennes, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing.

Linda Kasabian Manson Family 1970

July 26th –
Charlie – an original screenplay by Jon Chamis

Charlie tells the true story of the month Linda Kasabian spent living on Spahn Ranch with Charles Manson and the Family. The film follows Linda closely and explores her psyche as she flees an abusive home and a dead-end marriage with her infant daughter, only to find her safe haven in the form of a commune. But when the words Helter Skelter start to grow in importance around her, she soon realizes her new family and home are not what they seem.

Jon is a senior at Burlington College.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.38.36 AM

August 30th –
Poetry Night – featuring the works of Christina Caniyo, Muir Haman & Michelle L. Mowery

Christina is a chocolatier, yoga instructor and poet living in Vergennes.
Muir is a librarian and poet from Vergennes, he holds his MA from Bread Loaf School of English.
Michelle is a bookkeeper, book-reader, and book-writer living in Panton.


All Table Read programming starts at 6pm.
The group reads through the work out loud then has a discussion about the work–meanwhile the writer is forced to remain silent, and they are simply there to observe -these discussions often lead to some of the most interesting conversations about art you can have, and more often lead to new breakthroughs for the writer in question.

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